Arbiter of Balance

"History is written by the observer; propaganda is written by the victor"

You are about to lift up a stone, under this stone is where my mind lives, everyone agrees I live under a rock. They've no idea how right they are.

I could prattle on about myself but I don't really feel like it and I suspect you're not really that interested anyway. So here I would be, getting RSI in order to quell your curiosity and you don't appreciate it. Ungrateful bastards! So let's save you some embarrassment and save me some surgery: If you want to know something about me, ask and I'll probably tell you if I like you enough.

For those you who really are interested, good for you. I don't like talking about myself except to specific questions so I think the best approach would be to have someone else write this. I see others on LJ have had the same idea. Dammit, I need to patent things earlier...

Pet peeves include "leet" and lazy internet/sms things like u, r and l8r which only omit 2 keys. That's an extension of my dislike for appalling spelling and to a lesser degree, grammar (no one's perfect). I also don't like that horribly annoying tone people get when they're being self-righteous or defensive.

Feel free to offer your opinion on any posts. I'm ever so lonely...

By the way, I really like overusing the ellipse... ;)

I've been described as snarky, innocent, naive and in dire need of getting a life. Probably true since I'm generally utterly clueless about life and people. I also dislike children: "The Worst STD."

2007: I'm branching out more these days. Still not keen on kids and still don't like talking about myself. I'm an IT Professional and live in my home town although I think I sense the beginnings of feeling restless here.